Pace’s Founder

Founder Robert Mauldin

Founded by Robert Mauldin, Pace began as a drywall subcontractor in residential construction and expanded into the commercial sector in the 1980s.

Pace is a family-run business currently in its third generation of management. Alan Mauldin, son of founder Robert Mauldin, maintains ownership of the company and an active role in the accounting and administrative decision-making process while his son Matthew is the Vice President. The family-oriented aspect of the company is what Alan and Matthew feel the company brings to the industry and also differentiates the company in a competitive business. “I think that this industry has lost a lot of the personal touch,” he says. “The relationships we establish with customers, contractors and suppliers matter just as much if not more than landing the next job.”

While the company expands it operation, Pace Drywall will maintain its solid relationships as it establishes new clients and business partners.


















Pace Drywall Began in 1965 as a dream of Bob Mauldin as a residential contractor. Over the years, Pace has continued to grow as Bob’s Son, Alan Mauldin, has pushed it into the 21st Century turning from our roots and beginning our Commercial/multi-residential Drywall services. Now the Third Generation (Matthew Mauldin) is slating for banner years as we begin to change the face of our company again. The Fourth Generation is already learning what Metal stud Framing and Drywall is.