Dedication to Safety

Our Injury and Illness Prevention Program remains an exceptional tool in providing our clients with the level of commitment and service above what they are accustomed to receiving, while simultaneously protecting our the public, employees and other trades.


Pace Drywall complies with OSHA Safety Guidelines.

Our company Safety Director; James Collins, modifies each projects Site Safety Plan, taking into account jobsite conditions that need to be recognized to protect both our workers and the general project.


Safety is an investment that consistently delivers real benefits. A safe work environment helps keep the project on track. Our Injury and Illness program helps keep skilled employees on the job. We have a complete team dedicated to safety.

As Safety Director, I am proud to say Pace Drywall works consistent with best-in class construction safety practices. Our top priority is the safety of the general public, our employees and other personnel on or near any Pace Drywall worksite. Each employee must meet or exceed our standards, and no work is performed without safeguards in place and careful planning.

Pace Drywall employs a multi-point approach to safety, including incident tracking, job hazard assessment, worksite inspection and continuing training. Our commitment to safety begins with our President Alan Mauldin and continues with every employee. Managers and supervisors share responsibilities for the daily compliance to Pace’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program; project managers, superintendents and foremen are trained in accident investigation, substance abuse, conflict resolution, pre- job safety planning.

Pace Drywall ensures I am on the cutting edge of all safety-related standards with seminars, trainings and certifications. I know our Injury and Illness Program will minimize, if not eliminate incidents, injuries and illnesses while surpassing the best practices of similar operations. Every day, our goal is nothing less than zero accidents and injuries. Our mindset is safety – first, last and always.


James Collins
Safety Director